Sunday, December 18, 2005


Hello World!

I will start by making a very bold statement:

This Blog has a purpose!

Now I know this is not the tradition among the blog community but I've always been an anti-conformist.

Anyhow, the purpose of this blog, as I've mentioned too many times already, is to provide no-nonsense album reviews to anyone remotely interested in music. I've seen too many people apparently content, listening again and again to the same mainstream tunes. Of course, jumping to the obscure word of Jazz or Classical Music is not easy and many feel discouraged. Mainstream stuff is nice because it's always available and you can always count on the fact that someone else is listening to it. However, it does horribly lack in diversity and expressiveness.

A crazed enthousiast's CD player

As mentionned, finding and appreciating "serious" music is a daunting task for most. CD reviews often target rather snobbish intellectuals who, by principle, reject all modern music. Don't worry, Piffles to the rescue. As one of the few who have had the luck of having relatives who know about music and also have time on their hands, I've been able to widen my musical horizons beyond what record companies would like me to be restrained to. I discovered that Blues, Jazz and Classical Music are fascinating areas of music and that younger generations can appreciate them just as well as popular music - albeit with a little effort - but well worth it in my opinion.

You will find the occasional Pop album in the reviews (As I said, I'm not against Pop, I'm just against ignoring all other music) and expect to find quite a few guitar albums, especially by Mark Knopfler of whom I am a big fan. I'll also include the most accessible, most melodic Classical and Jazz albums and gradually move on to the more technical, slighly more obscure stuff. The world of music is a big place and you have to start slowly.

I'm not an altruist so I'm also hoping to get some feedback on the music, get to know what everybody else listens to and maybe get lost on a few new musical roads.

Merry browsing!